What Clients Say About Us

  • Larry Pittman
    "AWESOME PLACE! I've never seen a Parrot Breeder like it. The birds are out and can be handled, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the other customers are very friendly and are often there just for a chat. When you buy from here, you get so much more than a bird - you get a family."
  • Jasmine L
    "I fell in love wth the sun conure after a friend told me about her being able to snuggle with her conure. I am a bird lover and want to snuggle oo. I have been searching all over online for a local breeder who is hands-on with these birds because I was not sure if the birds from RedBirds would be as affectionate with humans. I have had no luck finding a breeder that I could totally trust... until now! This place was recommended to me by a close friend's daughter and to my surprise it is the PERFECT place to get a bird from. I am so impressed with their approach on raising the birds. It is different than anything I have ever seen before and I plan to visit the Aviary very often as they recommend to see if my new bird finds me! I can't wait. This place should be at the top of the directory!"
  • John McLaughlin
    "Terry and staff are fantastic! We drove from Belmont to buy out son his baby love bird. He is a loving, adorable family member and we give all the credit to this amazing group at Cheche Parrot Farm!"
  • Jane Seder
    "Fantastic Clicker training classes! Their techniques worked for both our birds. My Conure (who took the class with me, and even my little Budgie, can now do lots of very amusing tricks! Terry and Deb did a great job in explaining the essentials and breaking tricks down to easy steps that really made learning fun for me and my birds. I highly recommend taking the classes!"