Yellow-crested cockatoo


My devotion runs deep for the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos. They have a special need to be appreciated. They need to be a central family member. They need to share in our activities. These lovely pets need to be love, Most cockatoos enjoy being handled and petted, and prefer to spend all of their time with or on their owners.


Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoos are smaller cockatoo. They have white plumage with a yellow or “sulfur” colored crest on the top of their head. There is also yellow on their cheeks and on the undersides of their wings and tail. They can learn to talk, as can most cockatoos, and are easy to teach all kinds of tricks. Mature birds are about 33 cm (13 inches) in length. Females have reddish-brown eyes and males have black eyes. The skin around their eyes is bluish. Juveniles have a gray iris, and chicks are born with patchy yellow down. Yellow-crested cockatoos eat a wide range of food, including seeds, berries, nuts, fruit, and flowers. They sometimes raid crops of rice and maize, and may also eat green plant material. Yellow-crested cockatoos aid in seed dispersal through their diet. heir eggs are white and usually, 2 are laid. Incubation is shared by the male and the female, for about 28 days, the chicks leaving their nest after about 75 days. Cockatoos are extremely curious and smart. They can work out how to unlock their cage and will then set out to explore your house. They are one of a few birds that aren’t afraid when placed on the ground.


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