Severe Chestnut Fronted Macaw


  • The plumage is mostly green with patches of red shoulders and blue on the wings.
  • There is a blue wash on the crown.
  • The underside of the flight feathers are dark orange-red, red/brown and tipped blue.
  • There is a chestnut brown patch above the beak. The chest feathers are also tipped with a bit of chestnut brown and there is also a bit of brown down the sides of their cheeks and under the chin
  • This is the only mini-macaw to have lines of tiny red-brown feathers on the white bare facial skin, as is typical of the larger types of macaw.
  • The tail feathers are mostly green, except the feathers in the central area are red-brown, turning blue toward the tip.
  • The beak is greyish-black.
  • The feet are grey.
  • The eyes (irises) are yellow.


This severe chestnut fronted macaw for sale, (Ara Severus) is also known as a Severe Macaw and is hand-fed, weaned and ready to go to its a new home! This Severe Macaw is stunning and will make a fascinating companion pet bird.

Behavior: Personality-wise, these birds are fantastic. Though they have not had hundreds of years of selective breeding to domesticate their personalities, they still make fantastic pets if handfed and well socialized at a young age. They are very curious creatures, so they need a lot of mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. These birds should be given puzzles, games, toys, and interacted with on a daily basis to ensure they do not become bored. An owner looking to purchase a Severe Macaw should plan on integrating the bird into their life to ensure all emotional and cognitive needs are achieved. These birds do enjoy being petted alongside the back of their necks, along with their beaks, or around their eyes. These birds are perfectly content sitting on their owner’s shoulders while a person does chores or even being placed on a bird stand with the owner nearby.


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