Rose-ringed parakeet


Green Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Psittacula krameri manillensis), are also known as Indian Ringneck Parrot, Rose-Ringed Parrots. Wild Indian Parakeets are usually green with the exception of turquoise blue on their tail feathers, and males have black and rose colored rings around their necks. Indian Parakeet Ringnecks are now available in shades ranging from bright yellows (Lutino), greens and blues to albinos due to color mutations. Like a few other bird species, they are known as dimorphic, meaning that a bird’s sex can be determined by its colors and markings.


Rose-ringed parakeets are large pale green parakeets that are native to India and neighboring countries, and also North Africa. They have been introduced to many other countries, where they often form large flocks in city parks. Rose-ringed parakeets are not considered to be established in the wild in New Zealand. Illegal releases of aviary birds in the northern North Island have produced short-lived feral populations that have so far been contained, mainly through live-trapping. The rose-ringed parakeet is considered a horticultural and conservation pest species and is an Unwanted Organism under the Biosecurity Act. Jungle boy cockatoo for sale


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