Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo


The colorful Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is primarily a pinkish-white, with bright pink and orange feathers on their crests. They have gray feet and horn colored beaks.  The crest appears white when folded but when raised and spread it has a broad red band with a yellow stripe through the middle. This cockatoo is also known as Leadbeater’s, Desert, Major Mitchell or Pink Cockatoo; Cocklerina, Chockalott or Wee Juggler.


Bold and impressive, the Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo has been a popular pet amongst bird owners for many years. Their beautiful colors and obvious intelligence continue to keep them among the most sought-after Cockatoo species. jungle boys weed

While hand-fed Major Mitchell’s can make very tame and affectionate pets, they have a reputation for bonding with one person and may become nippy with others, especially if the owner is nearby. For this reason, the Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo may not be the best choice for families with small children. cockatoo for sale


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