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Blue & Gold Macaw Parrots Eggs for sale. We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle-lit eggs of all species of parrots. all our Blue & Gold Macaw Parrots Eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary, candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies. we are now taking orders from those who are interested in raising up their own baby birds from the eggs stage. it’s fun hatching your own baby(ies) from eggs and we will assist you in any way to hatch out your birds successfully. bellow is a list of some of the birds and eggs we have for sale: African grey parrots eggs, Cockatoo Eggs, blue and gold macaw, citron cockatoo, jumbo brown Coturnix quail and fertile fresh eggs, parakeets, MACAW, Congo African Grey eggs,


The blue-and-gold macaw is aptly named, with a gorgeous blue body and dark lemon-yellow chest, this is a bird that’s hard to miss. It also referred to as the blue-and-yellow macaw. This macaw has a green strip of feathers just above its black beak, and a partially naked face that will blush pink when it is exciting. Its feet are dark gray or black, and it has a black “beard” of feathers just below its beak.


Blue-and-gold macaws are native to South and Central America, where they inhabit forests and woodlands. Their range includes Venezuela south to Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, as well as parts of Panama.cockatoo for sale

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Green-winged Macaw eggs, Severe Chestnut Fronted Macaw eggs, Hyacinth Macaw eggs, Spix's macaw eggs, Red-and-green macaw eggs, Military macaw eggs, Hybrid Macaw eggs, Glaucous macaw eggs, Camelot Macaw eggs, Eleanora Cockatoo (Sulfur Crested) eggs, Blue and Gold Macaw eggs, Severe Chestnut Fronted Macaw eggs, Scarlet Macaw eggs


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