Green-winged Macaw


The Greenwing Macaw comes from South America. They are very beautifully feathered birds, red and scarlet, with blue and green accents. Larger than Blue and Golds but not as big as most Hyacinths, they grow to 26″ to 37″ in length (including tail) and have a wingspan of 45″ — 50″. Greenwing Macaws can live to at least 50 years and often longer. They have a reputation for intelligence, gentleness, and steadiness. These remarkable parrots learn fast, and require consistent and dedicated teaching for an extended length of time in order to develop the maturity and socialization necessary for companion birds. Many Greenwing Macaws become excellent talkers and singers, are very athletic, and love to take apart and re-assemble puzzles. They require a lot of nurturing, consistent and well-defined boundaries, and owners committed to providing the nurturance and stimulation they need. Because of their size and athleticism their cages should be large and their play spaces designed so they have enough room to be active independently as well as have lots of hang-out time with their human flock.



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