Blue-winged parakeet


This striking parakeet is restricted to the forests of India’s Western Ghats. Bluish-gray male has a bright red upper bill and a black-and-blue collar. The greener female has an all-dark bill and a weaker black collar. Both sexes have blue in the wings and tail, though male’s is more prominent. Gives harsh, buzzy, high-pitched screeching, often as the birds shoot overhead. Favors forest and forest edge.


The Blue-winged Parrot is a slender parrot with an olive-green head and upper body, grading to light green on the fore-neck. The upper tail is green-blue, with yellow sides. The underparts are yellow, and there may be an orange in the center of the belly. A yellow facial patch extends back to the eye. A narrow, dark blue band runs from eye to eye across the forehead. The Blue-winged Parrot gets its name from the large, dark blue patch on the wings. The female is similar to the male, but with slightly duller colors. The Blue-winged Parrot is also known as the Blue-banded or Grass Parrot; the Blue-banded or Hobart Grass-Parrot; and the Blue-banded or Blue-winged Grass-Parakeet.


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